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New Sod and Exisitng Lawn Care Below 

New Sod Maintenance Guide

Watering Your New Sod Lawn

The First Week of Watering is Critical.
Your New Sod Lawn should not be allowed to dry out.
Water Thoroughly The First Week
• After the first week maintain a moist but unsaturated soil condition, watering as necessary.
• After sod knits to the soil, (usually within 1 to 3 weeks) change watering frequency to achieve a moist and thorough watering of the new turf, allowing for natural rainfall and cool or hot weather.
Continued over saturation is harmful and can cause root rot and ultimate surface damage.

Mowing Your New Sod Lawn...

• Your New Sod Lawn should be Mowed as soon as needed, usually 7 to 10   days after installation or before blades exceed 3".
• Be sure your lawn mower blades are sharp.
• Never cut more than 1/3 of the plant leaf at one mowing.

Fertilizing Your New Sod Lawn...

• You may want to fertilize your new sod lawn 4 - 6 weeks after the time of   installation.
• Popular brands of lawn food are satisfactory as long as 35 to 50% of the   nitrogen is from a slow release form.
• Apply the recommended rates as indiccated on the product you use.
• Fertilizing 3 to 4 times a year can supply 2 to 4lbs of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. annually.

Follow This Fertilization & Maintenance Schedule Recommendation to
Help Maintain Your Lawns Health and Appearance 

Early Spring / April
Apply to Your Lawn....

• Lime
• Gypsum
• Overseeding lawn area
• Fertilizer 20-8-8 or Pre plant for lawn renovation work
• Crabgrass Pre-Emergent / Tenacity or Tupersan are the only types of   crabgrass pre-emergents that can be used for Overseeding.

Spring / Early Summer / May - June
Apply to Your Lawn....

• Second Application of crabgrass pre-emergent
• Second application of fertilizer 20-8-8 or 16-2-3
• Post emergence weed control
• Insecticide to control surface insects
• Fungicide to prevent lawn fungus

Mid-Late Summer / July - August
Apply to Your Lawn....

• Third Application of Fertilizer 20-8-8 or 16-2-3
• Post Emergence Weed Control
• Insecticide to Prevent Surface Insects
• Granular or Liquid Fungicide

Early - Late Fall / September - October
Apply to Your Lawn....

• Fourth Application of Fertilizer, either 20-8-8 or 16-2-3 or Starter Fall Fertilizer for Lawn Renovation Work.
• Lime
• Gypsum
• Overseed Lawn Area

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