Hamptons Deer Fencing Company
Fully Licensed and Insured to work in East Hampton, Southampton
and the entire East End of Long Island

Deer are nice to look at but not when they are on your property. They eat your vegetation, destroy your landscape and carry
Deer Ticks
that are
infected with Lime Disease.

Lime disease, if not caught in time, can be a debilitating disease and must be avoided at all costs.

We are fully licensed and insured to work throughout East Hampton, Southampton and the Twin Forks of Long Island.

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Hamptons Deer Fence Company

Hamptons Deer Fence Company

Affordable Pricing with Quality Workmanship!

We Install All Types of Deer Fencing that are Designed to Keep Deer
From Entering Your Property


Like TENAX C-FLEX deer fence, TENAX C-FLEX “P” heavy duty deer fence is virtually invisible once installed.

Tenax C - Flex "P" is recommended for areas that experience
heavy deer traffic.

Stands at 7.5 Ft High, with 2" x 2 " openings between each link. Deer Fencing is attached to
1 3/8" Black Steel Poles buried into the ground every 8ft - 10ft.

If your property has become or has been a walk through or grazing area for deer, then this deer fencing can be installed to prevent wild deer from trespassing onto your property and bringing with it Lime Disease Carrying Ticks.



Once installed, TENAX C-FLEX deer fence is virtually invisible against landscaping due to its consistent,
UV stabilized black color.

This fence is recommended for areas which experience light to moderate deer traffic.

Stands at 7.5 Ft High, with 2" x 2 " openings between each link. Deer Fencing is attached to
1 3/8" Black Steel Poles buried into the ground every 8ft - 10ft.

Popular with both landscapers and professional installers, TENAX C-FLEX deer fence can be used to enclose the perimeter of any property or smaller areas such as gardens.



7.3 FT Height metal hex fence with 1" octogon shaped openings.

This fence is made of metal and painted black.

All Deer Fence styles, whether regular Tenax medium grade Cintoflex, C-flex Premium or Metal hex fence are affixed to 1 3/8 inch steel black poles that are inserted into the ground every 8 - 10 feet to hold the fence in place, keeping the deer off your property.

We also tie a white ribbon every 12 feet to give the deer notice that there is a fence there so they will not run into it.

Wire Woven Deer Fence
Heavy Duty Deer Fence

Heavy Gauge 8 ft High Galvanized Steel Fence.

Small Openings on bottom of the fence and gradually are bigger towards the top of the fence.

Available in Black.

Affixed to either 5" Round Metal Poles or
4" x 4" Pressure Treated Wooden Posts.



Deer Fencing alongside Hedges

We have been servicing homes and businesses in Long Island for nearly 20 years. We are a full service Landscaping and Masonry Design Contracting Company. Many times, as a job progresses, property owners might want to have additional work done while we are on the job site completing the original job we were hired to perform. In instances like this, the additional work would wind up costing less than usual because we are already at the job site and have our equiptment there.


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